Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Top 10... Home

While I've been having a great time out here in New York, there are some things I really do miss about home. Don't get me wrong, I really have enjoyed my time out here and am grateful for the blessing it has been to have this experience, but there are a few particulars that I miss about being home in the summer. So, here we go!

Presenting the Top 10 things I miss about summertime at home:

1. Family

Especially these two (my parents)

2. Cherry harvest

(and chubby babies, apparently...)

3. Sunsets in the basin

4. Irrigation ditches used as swimming pools

5. Driving tractor (only a little bit dad, don't get any ideas)

6. Fresh flowers from the garden and my backyard

(I'd like to take credit for helping my mom landscape and maintain this yard every summer until this one)

7. Wide open spaces

8. Fourth of July fireworks in the back of the truck in George

9. Ice cream at DK's

10. Fruit stand hopping

(annual trip with mom)

... and a few others ...

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