Sunday, September 4, 2011

That's all folks!

The statistics...

NYC Favorites:
  • Grocery store: Trader Joe's (reasonably priced food, and man did mom geek out when she saw the cart escalator system. To view 40 seconds of fun, click here)
  • Park: Riverside park along the Hudson. Hands down.
  • Hole-in-the-wall eatery: Pommes Frites (I will miss those fries dearly)
  • Museum: Natural History (I like dinosaurs)
  • Market: Chelsea Market (Give me some sweet jazz music and trendy indoor shopping on a rainy day anytime!)
  • Cookie: Levain Bakery (I told my mom this all I wanted for my birthday was one of these hurkin monsters)
  • Cupcake: Brooklyn Blackout - divine goodness - from Two Little Red Hens (Mom said it was worth the Guggenheim museum flop to make the trek up there)
  • Shopping: I should say H&M, but I'm going to say Chinatown (dang! I can haggle:)
  • Show: Do I really have to just pick ONE? Can't do it. I liked em all!!

The past three weeks...

After signing off at Coltrin, I quickly did my laundry, packed and got ready for my sisters and mom to fly in to the city for a girls weekend. And it was the BEST WEEKEND EVER! Despite the constant rain Sunday and partly Monday, we had a ton of fun. I was their all-inclusive pro tour guide, food guide, subway guide, potty guide, and a whole freaking suitcase full of fun. :) Here are some photos for proof...

After all the fun and a lloonngg flight back to the west, we took care of some business in Utah. AKA: Wrestling Rugrats and attending my brother Riley's Kneaders Grand Opening. And after a week of bouncing around from place to place and feeling homeless, I finally made it back to Washington where I've mowed the lawn, ate raw corn on the cob, frequented Wally World, visited good friends, canned peaches, went to the rodeo, enjoyed Columbia Basin sunsets and was severely depressed about the shopping choices.

Next stop? Rexburg! BYUI University Communications, you better be ready for me. Cause I NEED to be put to work.