Thursday, June 9, 2011

Rain and Patsys

I don't think I've ever fully understood the concept of a monsoon until now. Today after work I went down to Union Square to meet Brooke and do a bit of shopping and have dinner. After strolling around in DSW for a little bit, we decided to go have dinner at Patsys Pizzeria. It was only about four blocks away. We got to the door of the store and saw it was raining.

"Eh, it's only a few blocks. We'll be OK."



We screamed as we ran down the street, clothes soaked. dripping. By the time we got to Patsys, my shoes were soaked through and the entire left side of my body looked as if someone threw a bucket of water on me. Brooke and I got our pizza and went home. Epic fail.

The story behind the pizza - My brother Riley gave me a very important assignment for while I'm out here: Try as many pizza places for him as possible and report back. Well, Riley. This is my report.

Patsys Pizza was decent, but not the best I've had so far. The crust was crispy on the inside, but wasn't done enough for me towards the middle. The sauce was good, but too much mozzarella and not enough basil. *DISCLAIMER* It might have been better if I'd have actually eaten it at the parlor rather than carrying it clear from 14 st to 110th. Just sayin.

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