Wednesday, June 29, 2011

"39 Steps" in Bryant Park . Measure for Measure

Movies in the park are something every city organization should offer. Seriously. Especially when the program consists of Harry Potter previews, a Bugs Bunny cartoon, and an old, black and white movie.

Brooke and I, YET AGAIN, got tickets for Shakespeare in the Park Tuesday evening to see Measure for Measure. This Shakespeare play was much more dark than the previous we had saw. The story line was much more serious and the actors did an excellent job at portraying the story line. I really enjoyed the play, but not as much as All's Well That Ends Well.

(Am I a theatre critic yet?)

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  1. I saw in the news that Glen Beck was at movies in the park last night too. Apparently someone spilled wine on his wife and so he didn't have near as good a time as you did.