Thursday, June 2, 2011

Billy Elliott

Today at work, I had the brilliant idea of trying to get Student Rush tickets for Billy Elliott. I thought it would be impossible. You see, for this show, SR tickets are only made available two hours before curtain. So I checked with my roommate Brooke to see if she would go with. After work around 6:15, curtain was at 7:30, I decided it was worth the shot. I hurried across Time Square, pushed through all the tourists over to 45th in order to check for tickets. Low and behold!!! They had TWO LEFT! I was stoked. I called Brooke and told her the good news.

I personally think Billy Elliott was a FANTASTIC musical! The music is spectacular (composed by Elton John) and the dancing and acting are amazing. As an audience member, I went from emotional highs of not being able to wipe the smile off my face, to sad, heartfelt lows. The main character in this play is a 12 year old boy. And kudos to him. I wish I could do something amazing like this. Sing on Broadway? Maybe one day... :)

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