Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Pink Berry

Today's newest experience - Pink Berry!!!

For anyone who knows me well, they know that I have a problem with eating.... Dairy Queen ice cream. Well, here in NYC, there aren't any DQs. So, I'm working on developing a new love. Pink Berry is about a 5 minute walk from my apartment. Their menu consists of six different flavors of nonfat yogurt and a variety of toppings to finish of your dessert of choice. My roommate Julia absolutely loves this place. So here I come, new addiction. Be prepared to see me often...


  1. Good thing it's nonfat otherwise I'd say you better start walking to work with all those bakeries and ice cream stops! Looks yummmy

  2. this looks soooooo yummy...
    you should eat one in my honor.

    how much do you walk every day? is it anything like living around here? or is it urban hiking?