Wednesday, April 27, 2011


Today at work, one of my bosses called me in to her office. She said that our CEO had just gotten out of a meeting with Reuters and he wanted us to note some contacts he had made there and get their information. This is the information he gave me to figure it out... I kid you not...

Yes, all we knew was one name completely, part of one name and the last two that they worked with Bill... Who the heck is Bill?? And how should I know who he works with?? Sometimes we feel like "The Devil Wears Prada". No matter what our boss asks us to do, our response is, "Oh yeah! Sure, I'll get that for you." (If you remember off of the movie she had to get a copy of the unreleased Harry Potter book for her boss's daughters.)

30 minutes later, who had all four? Yeah! That's me!

I think I could go into some kind of investigative profession. I'm very good at finding information on people... so watch out.

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  1. Absolutely amazing as always! I can already smell a permanent job with them... Way to go girl!