Monday, July 18, 2011


Posts have been sparse lately. My time here in NY is shortening. I better get my list out and get everything checked off! Five more weeks! So here's what's happened this last week that is noteworthy. It's not much.

Number one: I was offered a job by University Communications at BYUI to work in their department full time this fall. I'll be working as a web content and print manager along with other responsibilities they feel inclined to give me.

Number two: Harry Potter marathon. In preparation for Saturday's IMAX showing of the final Harry Potter, my roommate Hayley and I watched bits and pieces of the Harry Potter series.

Number three: I discovered really clever subway station artwork. 14th and 8th off the A,C has these little guys scattered about.

Subway Figurines

Number four: Explored Chelsea Market with Brooke. Ate at the Green Table. Delish! I had grilled cheese with blueberry chutney and tomato soup. All of a sudden, I realized that something as simple as a grilled cheese sandwich could be considered "gourmet". Chelsea Market is kind of a hidden gem of NYC. Next time around I will be trying the crepe stand.

Chelsea Market

Number five: Discovered the Maritime Hotel's rooftop pool. They didn't say anything when we walked in. We are considering bringing swimsuits next time. Yes? Yes.

Maritime Hotel Courtyard

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